Responsive Design Emulation Tools For Front-End Developers

Someone in the Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group recently asked for input on the best mobile emulation software for responsive web design work. There are several tools Due North Studios uses when working on a responsive project: The Real Deal: Using An Actual Mobile Device When it comes to developing or debugging responsive website designs, nothing… Read More →

WooCommerce: Free Shipping For Continental U.S. Only

Based on code from Patrick Rauland, this bit of code will remove the WooCommerce free shipping option for users outside the continental United States. Simply place this code in a plugin or your functions.php file… Read More →

How do you use WordPress’s built in waiting/loading spinner?

WordPress uses a waiting spinner to indicate when its doing something: loading, uploading, doing something AJAX-y, etc. Developers can use the native WordPress spinner in their plugins using the following code: Source for the loading GIF image is /wp-admin/images/wpspin_light-2x.gif (high-resolution version) or /wp-admin/images/wpspin_light.gif. To insert the loading spinner image, you can use an empty HTML… Read More →